Welcome, young blood. I see you've stumbled upon our little hollow. Well let me explain our purpose. You see... this is a place for those who are interested in the dark side of life. Its only a game.... or is it?
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 Positions and their explanations

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PostSubject: Positions and their explanations   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:48 pm

Positions in Circus:
-Ringmaster: Poison Angel
-Acrobat 1:
-Acrobat 2:
-Acrobat 3:
-Acrobat 4:
-Acrobat 5:
-Acrobat 0:
-Clown 1:
-Clown 2:
-Clown 3:
-Clown 4:
-Clown 5:
-Clown 6:
-Clown 7:
-Clown 8:
-Clown 9:
-Clown 0:
-Illusionist 1:
-Illusionist 2: Poison Angel
-Illusionist 0:
-Beast Tamer 1:
-Beast Tamer 2:
-Beast Tamer 3:
-Beast Tamer 0: Poison Angel
-Special Concession:
-Jester 1:
-Jester 2:
-Jester 3:
-Jester 4:
-Jester 5:
-Jester 6:
-Jester 7:
-Jester 8:
-Jester 9:
-Jester 0:
-High Flyer 1: Poison Angel
-High Flyer 2:
-High Flyer 3:
-High Flyer 4:
-High Flyer 0: Darkened Soul

Positions in Freak Show:
Inker 1:
Inker 2:
Inker 3: Poison Angel
Inker 4:
Inker 5:
Inker 0:
Puppet Master 1:
Puppet Master 0:
-Contortionist 1:
-Contortionist 2:
-Contortionist 3:
-Contortionist 0:

I suppose you would like to know what these jobs are huh?
Jester are our body guards. They are very big. Our circus IS illegal, after all. They make sure the kids are happy, and the parents aren't government spies.

Clowns are like the bloodline of every circus. Here, they bring in customers. And prey. Some of our performers have very difficult appetites. Clowns can read and control the minds of normies around them. They send the bad ones to the death booth, the good ones to the tent. They also have to keep the kids happy, but mainly are like ears and eyes to the Rigleader.

The death booth. Run by Death. When someone is sent to him, he reads their soul. Since all that come to him are convicts or government officials, he really only has 3 fortunes to give them. For the gov, death. To help feed the performers with difficult appetites. For convicts, one of two fortunes are laid upon his table. One says they are not worthy. One says they are. If they are not worthy, they are released. If they are, they go to the trials, where the beast tamers ultimately decide who gets to join the circus.

Beast Tamers are very special. Each one can only tame one kind of legendary creature. Why only one? Becaus at midnight of every full moon, they transform into the beast they've tamed. The convicts are released with them. The ones that survive can choose where they would like to be placed, and under the Ringleaders approval, they are changed by the Masters of each division.

Another of our breeds are called Cloakers. They are the high flyers. But like I said, everyone has something special. The Cloakers are the equivelant of fallen angels. Their wings hidden by giant cloaks, their faces hidden by masks, they are not allowed to be known to the outside world. They are not allowed to show their wings. Failure is not an option. Their life is the circus, since they had no reason to live life before. Failure will constitute punishment. They are run by the Fallen Star. He himself is a mystery.

Acrobats are the ones that are somewhat lower down than the high flyers. They are graceful, and are half in the air, half on the ground. They do flip stunts, misshapen pyramids, and group stunts on the lower bars and rings. Some may even use ribbons.

Illusionists are exactly what they sound like. They create illusions. Most of them are affiliated with Inkers, as they are the same species. Both are Black Bloods, meaning that they're blood brings forth objects and such. With Inkers, its their tattoos. With Illusionists, is with actual drops of blood and their imaginations. Dangerous job, seeming as the body only holds so much blood, huh?

A breed from our Freak show are Inkers.
They are run by the Master Inker.
The Master Inker is the one who inks his understudys. With special ink. He also has a very weak patience for the ones who pass out in his chair. For if you cant handle the tats, how will you handle what they do?
All inkers are covered in tattoos. Their something special is that their tattoos aren't always on their skin. They come to life, at the will of the holder, but only with permission from the Master Inker, or the Ringleader.

The other Freak Show breed are the puppet masters. The leftover bodies from all those difficult appetites? They go to the Puppet Masters. They are turned into puppets, living only at the will of their Masters. Puppet Masters keep to themselves and their puppets mainly, but can usually be found reporting details to the Ringleader, seeming as their puppets are not attached to strings, and look alive, they are used as spies.

Contortionists are the ones who can wrap their bodies into pretzals. Their something special something is that they can change what they look like, what they are. Shape-shifters. They might have to help out the beast tamers for their acts if their animals are sick. Or the acrobat if a piece of equipment breaks. Yes, they can transform into ANYTHING.

Altogether breeds here are:
=Vampires (clowns and acrobats)
=Were-animals (beast tamers)
=Demons (acrobats and puppet masters)
=Fallen Angels (cloakers)
=Shapeshifters (contortionists and jesters)
=Black Bloods (inkers and illusionists)
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Positions and their explanations
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