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 The chance of escape

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PostSubject: The chance of escape   Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:18 pm

Sara's body went limp, and Seventh reached out anxiously to take her pulse. But as soon as her fingers touched the wrist of the seemingly unconscious body, Sara's eyes flew open, glowing red. Seventh gasped, and backed away again, her own eyes wide in terror.
With a feral roar, Sara ripped free of the straps confining her. A slow grin spread across her face. "Now, I can finally have some fun."
The voice was not Sara's, but what seemed like two voices talking at the same time, Sara's, and a deep and frightening male voice. Seventh ran from the room, knowing that this definitely had not come into play when they were briefing her of her patient. She did not get far down the hall before someone grabbed her from behind and threw her backwards. Looking up from the floor about ten feet further from where she had been two seconds ago, she saw Sara, her eyes still red, and that grin still plastered upon her face.
"You are the one that restrained my mistress? You?" A small chuckle escaped Sara's mouth. "Well, however unlikely, Mistress gave permission to lay ruin to this place. And you will be the first to realize why people DONT mess with my mistress."
"W-who are you?" Seventh managed to stammer.
"I am Devastation, Sara's inner demon. I formed after many years of people like you trying to control her, and her simply bottling up every bad thought, and every bad emotion. I am her rage, her sadness, her evil, her darkness. And now, you are my playtoy." The grin grew to one of dementia, and Seventh screamed as she was picked up and thrown again, this time, against a wall. The demon walked towards her, and Seventh trembled, knowing she should run, but seeming to be unable to.
Sara's face but the demon's eyes loomed over, and a hand that had suddenly become so much stronger reached for her. Seventh closed her eyes tight, and readied herself for pain.
But it didnt come. What did come was a loud thump.
Slowly she opened her eyes to see Sara's body lying almost lifeless on the floor, and First, his eyes glowing an emerald green, standing over her.
"First!! First Im so sorry!! I.. I should have... I was going to... He... She..."
But the man held up a hand for her to stop her ravings. "It is alright, Seventh. Fear took over your systems. This is an unexpected, and quite unpleasant surprise for all of us, and we should apologize to you for not knowing everything about your patient. She will be returned to her room, and will have better restraints. I understand if you wish for another caretakerto take your place on this case."
Seventh looked over at Sara's body, still lying crumpled on the floor. One fist had balled up, and a single tear ran from scrunched up eyes. Tentatively, she reached over to wipe away that tear, knowing that whatever spell First used was a painful one.
"No. I would like to stay with her. And I can escort her back to her room, if you would only release her from your spell..."
First sighed, and Seventh looked up at him, thinking she might have asked to much of her superior. He shook his head slightly, but had a small smile. "Your patience and loving nature always get the best of you. Very well, you can escort her back to her room. But I will escort YOU. Just in case."
Seventh smiled up at him as he waved his hands, and Sara's body relaxed, but stayed unconscious. Slowly, Seventh stood, and magicked a stretcher to form under the body of her fallen patient. She took one end, while First took the other, and together they began the short walk back to Sara's room.
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The chance of escape
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