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 Where she went.

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PostSubject: Where she went.   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:47 pm

Sara woke up, tied down. Out of instinct she kept her eyes closed, and reached out to her surroundings with her magic. But as hard as she strained, her magic wouldn’t respond. So, out of viable options, she opened her eyes to survey her surroundings.
Her eyes found a white room, with bright fluorescent lights. She was strapped to a bed with white sheets, and her clothes had been exchanged for a white nightgown.
Hospital. She was in the hospital. They must have put her in a void room, where all magic is prohibited and bound. She sighed.
“This sucks. I hope Zaki was the one to find me, not one of the kids. They don’t need to see their mother carted off to the hospital.”
There was a soft giggle and Sara jumped. “Who’s there?!” She said harshly.
The voice giggled again. “I am Seventh. I’m your caretaker. And you’re not in a hospital. You are in The Severe and Complete Physical and Magical Training Center.”
“What is that, exactly? And why am I here?” Sara asked, warily.
The voice giggled yet again. "Your here to train!! You're much too weak these days, ever since Raine took half your power through that connection of yours. That really was a stupid idea, to connect his magic with yours." The voice somehow managed to sound disapproving and singsong at the same time.
"Yeah, I know that. Hey!! How do you know about my ex husband and I sharing our power?! That was supposed to be a private endeavor!!" Sara was confused, and becoming really annoyed at this girl.
"Oh sara!! Nothing you do is a private endeavor!! We've been watching you your entire life!!
Sara began to worry. If they had watched her for so long, then they knew things that she had never exposed to anyone. What if they told Zaki? What if they told her kids? Her face burned with shame, and her eyes welled with tears as memories of the person she used to call herself flooded her senses.
A hand came to wipe away the tears. "Don't cry Sara-chan."
The singsong voice that had come from all around the room never from a person suddenly had a face.
"Once you get strong you can go home! And it wont take long. You're very motivated, and your kids are in safe hands so you don't have to worry. It will be okay." Seventh petted her and sudddenly, Sara became angry.
"I wanna go home now!!! This is kidnapping!!! You cant do this!!! You snatched me up, brought me here, tied me down, and have the nerve to tell me everything will be okay?! Nothing is okay right now, nothing!! I want to go home now and if you wont let me then I will go by FORCE!!!!" Seventh backed away as Sara pulled at the straps, straining to push deep inside herself to access a power she haad not called upon in a very long time. Her demon. She almost thought he had gone, but then she saw his red eyes from a corner of her inner self.
"Yes mistress?" he said smoothly, but with a deep underlying tone of repressed anger.
She screamed at him through her mind. "Devastation!! Help me escape, and Ill let you lay ruin to this entire place!!"
He stood, from his corner, and walked to her, grinning evilly. "Now there is a bargain I can keep up!" And with this he reached through her, pulling at the essence inside her, and switched her soul with his.
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Where she went.
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