Welcome, young blood. I see you've stumbled upon our little hollow. Well let me explain our purpose. You see... this is a place for those who are interested in the dark side of life. Its only a game.... or is it?
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 The begginning.

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PostSubject: The begginning.   Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:23 pm

It was not wise to walk around the nightmare realms at midnight with a partner. Even less so alone. But, she never did listen to the rules.
Sara just needed some time to clear her head. Her new relationship was going so fast, and frankly, her kids were taking it better than she was. Isabelle and Noah, declared haters of all men after their mother, were absolutely in love with Zaki. She smiled despite herself as she remembered him teaching Noah flips, and playing an absurd game of tea party with Isabelle when she was very ill. She had been refusing the medicine, puking it up when they managed to get it to her. The next day, though, she made great improvements. Sara suspected he had slipped her medicine in with her tea, but he refused any part in her recovery.
He's such a good man, she thought to herself, so why do I not trust him? But she already knew the answer. Raine. He was long gone, but still he haunted her. She could not let her already huge love for Zaki grow until she was sure he would not turn out like her ex-master/lover.
So deep in her thoughts, Sara failed to notice that she was being followed.

Okay, she thought, ill trust him. Ill continue opening up to him, and if he hurts me, even a little, ill push him away. I dont know how, though. I cant stand being away from him, even this long.
She smiled again, thinking of their first kiss.
She heard a sword pull from its sheath. She turned, just in time to see her unknown stalker charge her. She pulled at her fan blade, but it was too heavy, she too slow, and he too fast. Time itself went very slow, and she cried out as the blade hit her chest. Her fan finally free, she opened it to defend herself, but she began to get drowsy, and within seconds was forced to drop her only weapon, her only hope.
"Sleep, Sarania. You will be better off that way." her attacker laughed as she hit the ground. Her vision went black, her heartrate slowed, and she managed one final cry before she fell into the icy darkness waiting to envelope her mind.
And with this, she fell, into herself, into her worst fear, and went blank with fear and hopelessness.

The attacker picked up Sarania's unconsiouss body, and heaved it over his sholuder. "First shall be pleased. I got his prize for him, with alomst no trouble." and he disappeared into the dark of a nearby alley.
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PostSubject: Re: The begginning.   Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:34 pm

-i begain to walk around in the circle thinking to my self- ''why did i do that i wonder if i made her mad at me -sighs- i jsut hope i did the right thing by kissing her -sighs again-
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The begginning.
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