Welcome, young blood. I see you've stumbled upon our little hollow. Well let me explain our purpose. You see... this is a place for those who are interested in the dark side of life. Its only a game.... or is it?
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 Battle Arena

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PostSubject: Battle Arena   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:08 pm

"Its an arch. Why are you staring at it with such awe. Stupid. Give me your pass and go in!" A cranky and dripping creature tells you. He... She... It is sitting on a tree stump with a clipboard in one hand and what looked like a rotting piece of fruit in the other. The creature itself looked rotten. Loose skin draped over bone, and hollow eyes, void of emotion of any kind past irritation. What you sorely hope is water is dripping off of it, and a puddle was all around its crooked tree stump chair. The whole area reaks of dead stuff. The creature sighs. "Hurry up so I can finish my snack!!"
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Battle Arena
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