Welcome, young blood. I see you've stumbled upon our little hollow. Well let me explain our purpose. You see... this is a place for those who are interested in the dark side of life. Its only a game.... or is it?
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 Battle Arena

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PostSubject: Battle Arena   Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:47 pm

You walk into a big arena. Looking around you see a small goblin with an axe that has to be way too big for him to wield sitting at a table with a checklist. "Check in is one topic ahead. To qualify you must get permission from Darkened Soul. I have orders from the Battle Master and his girlfriend not to let anyone past the front gate without a permission slip. So go talk to Darkened Soul or his chick and come back to me when your prepared squirt." And with this he looks back down at his checklist mumbling to himself.
You see a piece of paper taped to the door you just came through. You walk over to read it since obviously the goblin will provide no more help.
1. You MUST have a permission slip from the Battle Master, Darkened Soul to compete in this arena.
2.If you try to charge the gate, the goblin will have your blood for his soup.The axe is NOT for show.
3.The rules of the actual battle will be between the actual participants.
If you have a slip give it to the goblin. Politely, if you like your head where it sits.
Signed Sincerely,
Poison Angel

Good Luck, My Darlings!"
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Battle Arena
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