Welcome, young blood. I see you've stumbled upon our little hollow. Well let me explain our purpose. You see... this is a place for those who are interested in the dark side of life. Its only a game.... or is it?
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 Rules of the Black Realms. MUST READ!!

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PostSubject: Rules of the Black Realms. MUST READ!!   Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:02 pm

1:you must thave a pass. Passes are only given to elite members, and are only good for one trip into the black realms.
2:you must have an escort. Escorts will be chosen out of the best warriors. Only the council can decide the ones who can enter without an escort.
3:watch your back. This realm is full of wierd creatures and any other players here can attack you. Once your in the black realms.... there's virtually no rules.
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Rules of the Black Realms. MUST READ!!
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